You are currently viewing 5 great Japan destinations reached by car

5 great Japan destinations reached by car

5 Great Japan Destinations Reached by Car

Ever since the Coronavirus hit the whole world, tourism faced a significant setback. However, a lot of places are tending to re-open; or planning on ways so that tourists can come and the distancing could also be followed. If you’re in the UK, you can book a flight of your destination through cheap fly air UK.

Japan is an amazing country to explore by car and campervan. There are thousands of roadside stations as well as onsen spread throughout the nation, making holidaying and roadtripping a breeze. Travel freely, and safe and avoid carrying your luggage on trains, buses, and airplanes.




⦁ Hakone Ropeway
A lot of tourists are recommended visiting the Hakone Ropeway, which is a scenic spot, better accessible through a car ride. While you ride on the Ropeway, you can see the valley floor spreading beneath you on the way from Sounzan to Owakudani, and if your luck is excellent and the day is apparent, you can even see the magnificent Mt Fuji and Lake Ashi while going towards Togendi; all while your ride on the Ropeway.

⦁ Yuryo Hot Springs
While you can enjoy the great Hakone Ropeway, you can do with Yuryo Hot Springs as well since both the places are nearly situated. These large hot springs are allowed to be visited by tourists at day times while there’s a rustic charm of Hakone Yumoto to fancy around.

⦁ Nishizawa Keikoku valley
This is a beautiful valley found in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. It’s great when you have a car to yourself because the valley has mountains to hike, and it’d make it easier for you to not care about spending hours hiking in one place when your camp is right by yourself. A hiking trail leads you up to the actual Nishizawa valley where there is a dark green clear stream of crystal waters and numbers of waterfalls. The whole trip, along with pauses of mesmerization and photoshoots, makes it a 5-6 hour long journey.

⦁ Fuefukigawa Fruit Park
Fuefukigawa is another mountainside attraction which borders Yamanashi city station and great fun, especially for families and kids. The unique thing about this park is its Fruits: the park’s gardens and the grounds grow multiple kinds of fruits. This place not only does have a natural landscape but human-made beauty as well. The glass buildings inside which you’ll find a tropical greenhouse and different style resting places. Again, it’s an excellent spot for the car travellers because a few minutes’ drive the mountain there is an outdoor onsen which has an even more picturesque view of the whole city and Mount Fuji as well. Since the Onsen is open before sunrise and then till late after sunset; there are parking facilities for campervans and a campsite right next door.

⦁ The Kawaguchi Asama Shrine
In the middle-late ninth century, the Mt. Fuji erupted. Since then, it’s said that there are seven beech trees older than a thousand years, each with their name. Later on in 2013; the Asama Shrines were included in the lists of World Heritage Sites. As mysterious the place sounds to be, it can be an excellent find for enthusiasts looking for new and unique attractions. Since it’s on the outskirts of Mt Fuji; it can be easily travelled in an RV, and you wouldn’t practically have to bother anyone to accompany you in case people don’t want to discover the site along.

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