1-8-8 Iwado Minami, Komae, Tokyo

Buying Process


Step 1: Check out the designs

We are currently building the Hiace Super long/ wide as we feel its the perfect van for Japan. We are charging ¥2,900,000 for the furniture, electric items and choice of custom finishes and the cost for the van is separate.

Detailed information can be found by clicking here.

Step 2: Finding the right Toyota Hiace

So you like the layout, now we need a van.

We can help you source a van from a partner dealer, the version for of the Hiace we use is the 5/6 seater Hiace super long/ wide.

If you would like to find a van yourself then please communicate with us first so we can insure it is the right model. We also have access to the car auctions in Japan and can help you get a quality used van this way.

Step 3: Scheduling the build

To block time in our workshop we will need to get an agreement signed regarding the design customisations and a deposit.

50% of the of the cost is due to block the schedule and the additional 50% once the van build begins. The actual build should be completed within 6 weeks of the date we get the van.

step 4: Pick up the van

After the van is built we need to pass the van inspection in Japan, You will then get the keys to your newly registered Dream Drive camper!

Should you be looking to export the van outside of Japan then let us know and depending where you are this might be possible.

Second hand rentals 

From time to time vans from our rental fleet become available to purchase, if you are interested in a preloved van then let us know via the contact and we can alert you when vans become available.