You are currently viewing Dream Drive 5th Anniversary Celebration: Limited 5 Units × 5% OFF Campaign

Dream Drive 5th Anniversary Celebration: Limited 5 Units × 5% OFF Campaign

Thank you for your continued support of Dream Drive.

Dream Drive was established in 2019 and has now reached its 5th year. The campervan business, started with the vision of our CEO Jared to enable more Japanese people to experience the freedom of “road trips,” has reached this milestone thanks to the support of our many Dream Drive family members. We are deeply grateful for your continued support.

To express our gratitude and to allow even more customers to experience the joy of “road trips,” we are launching a special 5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign.

Offer: 5% OFF for 5 limited units

Eligible Models:
KUMA Q : ¥7,800,000 → ¥7,400,000
TAMA : ¥7,200,000 → ¥6,800,000
NICO : ¥6,900,000 → ¥6,500,000

Number of Units: Only 5

Additionally, from June 5th to June 9th, we participated in the largest campervan event in the Southern Hemisphere held in Queensland, Australia.

To celebrate this success, we will host a free “Australian BBQ Event” on June 14th (Friday) from 6:00 PM at the Dream Drive Tokyo Showroom.

Enjoy an Australian-style BBQ, as enjoyed by our CEO Jared from his childhood, while viewing our currently available vehicles. Pre-registration is required, so please sign up early.

Date: Friday, June 14, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Participation Fee: Free (pre-registration required)

For the next 5 years

Since last year, Dream Drive has also entered the Australian market, focusing on the sales of campervans both domestically and internationally. Especially for the camping culture and outdoor enthusiasts in Australia, Dream Drive’s products provide new experiences and opportunities for adventure. Our CEO Jared stated about this new development,

Five years ago, we had a dream of bringing the camper van lifestyle I cherished as a child in Australia to Japan.

Despite the challenges, including global pandemics and closed borders, we’re incredibly proud of the team we’ve developed over these five years. Several team members like Hajime, Ryohei, and Mark have been with us from the start, and we’re so proud of the quality we’re producing as a company.

We’re thrilled to see so many customers enjoying our vehicles, creating great memories, and loving their camping experiences.

The next five years are all about international expansion. We now have our vehicles in Australia today and soon in the UK.

Our mission has evolved from bringing Vanlife travel to Japan to bringing Japanese quality Vanlife to the world. We’re super excited about what’s next for us and immensely proud of what our team has achieved so far.

Thank you, everyone, for a fantastic five years.
– Jared Campion