Dream Drive exports

Dream Drive is focused on building campervans for the Japan Domestic market  and bringing vanlife to Japan. The brand new KumaQ vans are only available in Japan, however we are able to help you source used vans for export.

We do have ex-rental fleet campervans which are able to be exported and we can too convert used Toyota & Nissan vans into Dream Drive campervan models ready to ship. 

We are partnered with certified local exporters who we trust who can help you choose a base vehicle which we can then customise to your liking at our workshop in Tokyo. If you are interested please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

We hope we can make your JDM campervan dreams come true.


Sample price breakdown

Step 1: Complete application form

To start the process please complete the form to let us know which base vehicle you want and how you want to customise your van, our export partner will then speak with you to help you source a van, this requires some up front commitment which acts as a deposit for the van and the conversion by Dream Drive.

The vans are usually sourced from Auctions or from dealers.  

Step 2. Consult our exporter + pay deposit

Our exporter will reach out and talk with you about the base vehicle for the conversion and also conversion options, you will agree on the market value of the vehicle and work to find a viable base vehicle option for the build, also they will give you a time frame from Dream Drive so you know the lead time to get the build completed. 

Options to choose related to the base vehicle: Toyota Hiace or Nissan Caravan? 4WD? Diesel? Colour options? If you are happy with a 2WD and not too picky with the colour there are plenty of vans options each week. 

You can choose options on how to customise the van at this point also, and we can get you an estimate, if you are happy to move forward we can start creating the furniture and book production time from Dream Drives team. 

Step 3: Source a van and organise the conversion

Our exporter will email options each week and get your permission before bidding on a certain van, the vans will be inspected and additional photos and videos can be shared. Sometimes we are able to get you a great van on the first trip, otherwise we repeat each week until a van is secured. 

Once a van is purchased it can usually be at Dream Drive’s workshop within a week, we can then get to work customising the vehicle to your liking. 

Total turnaround can be as soon as 2 months to as long as 5 months depending on productions schedules, this can be shared at the point of deposit. 

Step 4: Complete build and prepare for Export

Once the van is complete, we register the van in Japan and then hand it over to the exporter to get it shipped.