Basic Vehicle Information

We use vehicle bases manufactured by well-known automobile manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan. Since it is a base vehicle approved by the manufacturer, it is a guaranteed vehicle like a passenger car normally sold by a dealer.

As long as the campervan has a passenger capacity of less than 10 persons and gross vehicle weight of under 5 tons, it can be driven with an ordinary driver’s license. Our KUMA campervan vehicle base is Toyota Hiace Super Long, but is easy and fun to drive and can be used as a daily driver and shopping errands etc.

It depends on the campervan model, but in the case of KUMA (Toyota Hiace / Super Long / 2.8L Diesel / 4WD), it is about 9km on a general road and about 11km on a highway.

All Dream Drive campervan lineup models (KUMA-Q, TAMA, and KAGO) are treated at ordinary car rates.  Other holiday toll discounts, ETC discounts, late-night discounts, etc. are also applicable as well.

Please check the Expressway Co., Ltd. website for more information regarding discounts. 

Voluntary insurance can be purchased in the same way as a regular passenger car. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Purchase Information

To request a catalog please contact Dream Drive. For pricing and delivery dates etc. appointments should be made with our Dream Drive team.

You can purchase from our Tokyo depot and showroom location, or at dealers nationwide.

You can walk-through actual Dream Drive vehicles at our depot and showroom in Tokyo or at dealer locations or through video calls. Please contact us to setup an appointment. 

Our dealers can provide auto loans if purchasing directly from Dream Drive you can purchase with chase or bank loan. Auto loans are available through dealers please contact our team with any questions.

We build vehicles in the order in which they are received. Depending on the order status, it may take some time to deliver the vehicle. After the base vehicle and interior options have been decided customers are provided with an estimated delivery time. Please contact us with any questions.

Yes, we do offer upgrades and options for our campervans. Please consult with our staff when ordering.

Campervans are delivered to the store of purchase. Delivery to your home or other requested locations is available but a separate delivery fee is required. Please contact us for more information.

Maintenance costs and Information

The approximate weights of the vehicles currently in our lineup are as follows.
KAGO: 1600kg ~
TAMA: 2100kg ~
KUMA: 2800kg ~

Vehicle inspections can be taken at Toyota dealers and mechanic maintenance shops nationwide. If you wish to maintain the inside of the vehicle at the timing of the vehicle inspection, please bring the vehicle to our Tokyo service location.

The vehicle maintenance costs of our campervans are similar to that of a regular car / the base vehicle. 

KumaQ and TAMA models are camper registered 8 number vehicles and should be inspected once every two years.

We do not currently provide a gas burner stove with the vans but have several recommendations on products you can use. Since our campers have good battery systems portable electric stoves are also an option. 

No special maintenance is required, but for ease of use, it can be easiest to charge the sub-battery externally via A/C outlet before use. We also recommend that you empty water tanks when not in use. 

The vehicle itself can be serviced at car dealers and mechanics. Maintenance related to the interior furniture should be done by Dream Drive is at our Tokyo service center.

Please use the 24/7 road service of voluntary insurance and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some assistance. 

Toyota’s new car warranty is attached to the vehicle parts such as engine and vehicle functions.

The Dream Drive limited warranty is on labor and furniture for one year from the date of delivery. Electrical and appliance warranties are based on manufacturer. 


Just to list a few:

  • We use high quality real woods
  • We use organic paints on our furniture
  • We use premium parts and materials
  • Full-size comfortable bed spaces (many campervan beds from other makers are short and not suitable for a comfortable sleep)
  • Our vans are designed for vanlife not just weekend trips.
  • Our team does vanlife

The room temperature of the camper is easily affected by the outside weather. We recommend visiting higher altitude areas in the summer.  To help keep vans cool in the summer and warm in the winter we offer options such as air conditioner, FF parking heater, rooftop fans, and insect screens that can be used even when the engine is off, so you can enjoy your campervan in all seasons and weather. 

Insurance for KAGO(4 number) and KUMA (8 number) can be arranged online through your preferred insurance provider. We can also arrange a face to face consultation with Nichido Marine at the time of delivery of your van at our  Tokyo office.

On our furniture we use top quality non-toxic paint that is often used on childrens toys. You can have peace of mind even if a child or pet should take a bite.

When traveling with pets, we recommend air conditioners, FF heaters, ceilling fans, and insect screens, all of which  can keep the temperature inside the vehicle cool or warm even if the engine is turned off.

All our models have 3point seat belts which can be used for child seats. The KUMAQ rear seat has an isofix option.
In the TAMA and KAGO child seats can be fixed using an Isofix bracket. 

Since the camper uses a sub-battery, it is possible to use the sub-battery and use lights and electrics even when the engine is off. 

The sub-battery level can be checked via the battery monitor and it can be charged when driving, through external shore power, and via solar if it’s installed in the campervan.   

The su-battery can be charged when driving, through external shore power A/C outlets,  and via solar if the option is installed in the campervan.   

Solar panels are a convenient way to keep the sub-battery charging even when parked up without a power supply. It takes about 4-8 hours to charge 100Ah battery depending on the number of solar panels and the weather. 

No special maintenance is required, but if it gets too dirty, it will need to be wiped clean. 

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