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5 Spots in Japan You Can't Miss

Japan has become a popular travel destination. Its extensive culture, beautiful language, and delicious food captivate the millions of tourists who flock to this country every year. But there’s more to all the interesting places in Japan than just the major tourist attractions and sushi. 


Have you ever considered going on a road trip here? You would be exposed to a whole new side of Japan - one you can’t even begin to dream about! 


Here are 5 different places you can’t miss on a road trip in Japan!


  1. Iroha-zaka Winding Roads, Tochigi

Drive along the Iroha-zaka Winding Roads in autumn to witness the harmonious splashes of red, yellow and green in the trees. Make some stops along the way to look at the waterfalls located up in the mountains. The jaw-dropping view will definitely make you want to come back.


  1. Mikuni Pass, Hokkaido

Placed high above the mountains, Mikuni Pass offers an amazing view of the landscape. This route is available during all year round, so make sure to go check it out as each season gives it a different look. It truly takes your breath away.


  1. Roller Coaster Road, Hokkaido

This 2.5km road offers you a thrilling experience as it has steep ups and downs, mimicking a rollercoaster. Admire the view as you up and drive down the road, and be sure to stop and take some pictures.


  1. Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, Ishikawa

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway is the only beach in Japan that allows cars to drive across the sand. Drive along the beach with your windows down to feel the sea breeze in your face. Be sure to check this out because honestly, how many times can you say you’ve driven on a beach?


  1. Venus Line, Nagano

The Venus Line in Nagano is a road that connects Chino City and Utsukushigahara Highlands in Nagano. There are many sites to stop and see while driving across this route, so be sure to keep an eye out so you don’t miss anything. It’s perfect in the spring when flowers bloom.