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Where to Go on a Road Trip in Japan

From bustling cities dominated by skyscrapers to traditional wooden shrines upon mountains, Japan offers an experience second to none. Though the trains here are famous for its efficiency and convenience, there is another method of transportation for travelers: driving. 


Driving allows you to explore the ins and outs of Japan while appreciating the gems of this country hidden from tourists. Here are 3 different spots you can’t miss on a road trip in Japan.


  1. Mount Aso, Kyushu

In the heart of Kyushu lies Mount Aso - an active volcano. After being closed off from the public due to an eruption in 2016, the area is finally reopened. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view as you drive up the mountain pathway, making the whole journey worth it.


  1. Tsunoshima Bridge, Yamaguchi

This 1780m long bridge in Yamaguchi connects the main island to a secluded island called Tsunoshima island. It’s built on top of the Amagase sea, making it a popular route with drivers. Be sure to stop before crossing the bridge to take some scenic photographs of the landscape. 


  1. Metasequoia Tree Road, Shiga

Metasequoia Tree Road is a picturesque road in Shiga surrounded by metasequoia trees. Drive along this path during the summer to feel the breeze from the trees. The view changes every season but remains spectacular no matter what the weather is.