1-8-8 Iwado Minami, Komae, Tokyo

A compact campervan great for holidays, travel, and everyday use.

The  “KAGO” is our latest mid-size camper van developed on the experience and knowledge cultivated by the Dream Drive team and helpful customer feedback.

We chose the Nissan NV200 as the vehicle base for the ease of use, handling and great versatility. This mid-size camper van isn’t just great for holidays, but it’s size and design is practical for everyday use as well.  


Natural and warm interior

The KAGO interior is inviting and warm and crafted with natural wood. We created a calm and comfortable space where you can feel the warmth of the natural wood. 

Plenty of space for a compact camper van 

The KAGO uses a two seat design to utilize the compact vehicle space and allow for a comfortable and spacious bed area. 

By removing the rear seats we able to design a space that is unthinkable for mid-sized camper van.

We created an easy access storage space under the bed behind the front seats. 
Luggage and equipment can stay organized and off the bed.  For everyday use, the bed space can also be doubled as a cargo space if needed. 

Convenient cooking area

A unique cooking area can be found at the rear of the KAGO. Besides a stove, there’s a refrigerator, storage space for tableware, and even a faucet.

The KAGO is a compact and a special space that connects the indoors and the vast outdoors with ease and in comfort and style. 

Amazing features and options

The roof of “KAGO” is equipped with a roof carrier that can be equipped with options such as a rooftop tent or side awning.

Installed into the ceiling of the KAGO is a small ventilation fan, which is rare in a base vehicle of this size. This ceiling fan allows you to enjoy fresh air and helps to keep cool airflow in the van on a hot summer day. 

Optionally for cold winter months an FF heater can be installed, which can warm the inside of the car even when the engine is stopped.

Even in a compact space the KAGO boasts incredible expandability and functionality, and is perfect for a variety  lifestyles and environments. 


You can order a KAGO from the Dream Drive depot.
If you would like to visit us directly, please make a reservation by phone in advance.

Phone #

[email protected]

1-8-8 Iwadominami, Komae-shi, Tokyo

8 minutes walk from Komae Station on the Odakyu Line

A. Please let us know your name, phone and shipping address by email or phone. Alternatively, you can get it at the Dream Drive headquarters.

A. We do have completed KAGO campervans at our depot.
Please contact us in advance if you would like to make a reservation to view.

A.KAGO is completely made-to-order, so we manufacture in the order we receive orders. Please contact us for more details.

The KAGO currently seats 2 passengers. We are working on making an optional rear seat version as well that can seat 4-5. 

The Kago is registered as a 4 number plate. 

A. We can handle vehicles if they are the corret model.  It is necessary to check the vehicle in advance, so if you are thinking of purchasing a used car, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.

A. Yes. Please contact us with any questions or requests for details 

A. Yes, we have KAGO models available to rent. 


From time to time we have used campervans available for purchase which you can find listed here. 

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