1-8-8 Iwado Minami, Komae, Tokyo

A compact campervan great for holidays, travel, and everyday use.

The  “KAGO” is a compact camper van, developed on the experience and knowledge cultivated by the Dream Drive team and customer feedback.

We use the Nissan NV200 as the vehicle base due to it’s easy to drive, compact size, and great versatility as both a daily driver and holiday vehicle. This mid-size camper van seats up to 5 passengers and isn’t just great for holidays, but it’s size and design is practical for everyday city use as well.


Warm Pine Wood Interior

The KAGO interior is warm and inviting and crafted with natural pine wood walls and ceiling. The natural wood creates  a calm and comfortable bed space. 

The bed unit is strong and secure and made with top quality birch ply, free of harmful chemicals. 


Convertible Bed & Full-Length Mattress

The KAGO can seat 5 passengers and includes a spacious bed area that fits a comfortable semi-double mattress (195cm). This is important to note as it’s quite common for Japanese made campervans to include beds that are 10-20cm shorter than a regular mattress. 

Even though the vehicle is compact we were able to design a bed space that is typically unthinkable in a small camper van. 

Beneath the bed, just behind the front seats there’s easy access floor storage space. For daily use, the mattress can easily fold up and the bed unit can double as additional cargo space or an optional roof storage carrier installed. 

Fridge & Stovetop

At the rear of the bed unit is a 18L fridge/freezer. The fridge is powered via the campervan sub-battery system and is perfect for keeping food fresh and drinks chilled. Next to the fridge is a drawer with a portable stovetop ready to be used to heat up a kettle or cook dinner. The stovetops drawer is also lined with a protective metal heat shield.  Beneath the stove is a second drawer perfect for storing cooking utensils and other small items. 

The KAGO campervan connects the indoors and the vast outdoors with ease, comfort, and style. 

Water Shower System

Also located at the rear of KAGO camper van is a 10L water tank, electric pump shower system. The water shower is perfect for rincing off any dirt before climbing into the campervan and slides neatly away when not being used. 

Locking Drawers & Rails

The rear drawers use push button luck/unluck hardware to keep the drawers closed and secure while driving. 

The drawers slide on heavy duty re-enforced rails that slide out and can lock in place and prevent the stove, fridge, and water shower drawers from accidently closing while in use. 

Sub-battery System and 100V Control Panel

Neatly tucked under the bed and easily accessable is a 1000w sub-battery system, 100ah lithium-ion battery, isolator and inverter. The lithum sub-battery can be charged while driving or while parked through an external A/C shorepower charging port. 

Beatifully mounted to the side wall you’ll find the electrical control and display panel where you can check battery levels, turn the system on and off, and plug in electronics to charge. 

Additional Options

The roof of “KAGO” can be equipped with a roof carrier that can hold a rooftop tent and side awning.

A ventilation fan with a built in light can be installed into the ceiling of the campervan. This ceiling fan provides extra light and helps  improve airflow through the van on hot evenings. To further improve airflow and keep insects out, a window screen can be installed the side sliding window and rear door. 

For cold winter months a FF heater can be installed, which can warm the interior even when the vehicle is parked and the engine is off.

Additionally, to keep sub-batteries charged a “shore power”  outlet can be installed to allow for plugging in to 100V power outlets at autocamp campsites.  

Even in a compact space the KAGO boasts incredible expandability and functionality, and is perfect for a variety lifestyles and environments. 


You can order a KAGO from the Dream Drive depot.
If you would like to visit us directly, please make a reservation by phone in advance.

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1-8-8 Iwadominami, Komae-shi, Tokyo

8 minutes walk from Komae Station on the Odakyu Line

A. The KAGO catalog is coming soon. Please contact us and we can send you the most recent KAGO details. 

A. We do have completed KAGO campervans at our depot.
Please contact us in advance if you would like to make a reservation to view.

A.KAGO is completely made-to-order, so we manufacture in the order we receive orders. Please contact us for more details.

The KAGO can seat up to 5 passengers 

The Kago is registered as a 4 number plate. 

A. We can handle vehicles if they are the corret model.  It is necessary to check the vehicle in advance, so if you are thinking of purchasing a used car, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.

A. Yes. Please contact us with any questions or requests for details 

A. Yes, we have KAGO models available to rent. 

Available starting from ¥3,328,000


From time to time we have used campervans available for purchase which you can find listed here. 

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