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KUMA Q is a campervan that offers flexible seating and mode arrangements and plenty of practical usability and space. The campervan has been carefully designed to seat and sleep up to 5 passengers. The KUMA Q uses a Toyota Hiace as the vehicle base for it’s reliability, powerful and efficient engine, and usable space. With it’s modern and well-balanced design this campervan is versatile and ideal for a variety of lifestyles, whether it be travelling with family and friends or transporting items, this vehicle is an optimal multi-purpose tool. 


Inviting interior

The Kuma Q interior is inviting and warm and made of top quality natural wood that gently envelops the open cabin space.

The living space is comfortable and packed with incredible features that offer plenty of flexibility and support. 

KUMA Q campervan changes the way you play, travel, work, and spend time with those you love.  The space easily transforms from driving mode into a spacious hangout and living space and finally into a comfortable sleeping space when it’s time for bed. 




Cargo and Storage

Spacious queen size bed

The KUMA Q boasts a comfortable full length queen size main bed (1950mm L x 1600mm W x 100mm H) as well as a rear seat that can fold flat into a second bed space.

These two beds make it possible to comfortably sleep 4 adults or even a family of 5. The queen size mattress can be folded up and the bed panels stacked or stored neatly inside a storage compartment to easily create more space when the bed is not needed. 

Queen dimensions – (1950mm L x 1600mm W x 100mm H) 
Rear seat bed dimensions – (1660mm L x 1000mm W)

Living Space

By facing the rear seat backwards and moving or storing the bed slats away, the space quickly and easily transforms into a cozy dinette living space. This lounge space is perfect for for eating, playing games, or even doing some work while on the road. The table can conveniently be set up or stored away in a matter of seconds. 

Even with the queen size bed set up there’s still plenty of space above and below to lounge about and keep items and gear stowed away.


Riding capacity 4-5 passengers


Sleeps up to 4-5


19L Water tank


25L Refrigerator


Portable Butane Stove

For the KUMA Q walls and ceiling we use top quality spruce that’s treated with non-toxic organic oil which allows the wood to breathe and maintain it’s beautiful wood grain.


The interior furniture and main bed unit are made with thick top quality white birch ply and free of harmful chemicals. 

Furniture doors and drawer are covered with quality melamine with Biomass mark certification. The Biomass Mark represents organic material derived from photosynthetic or ganisms and is displayed on environmental products that utilize biologically-derived resources, and which meet quality and safety-related regulations, specifications, and standards.

The KUMA Q floors use highly durable vinyl that looks great is antibacterial, and odor resistant. 

To reduse noise and vibration we use the same sound absorbing material used in Japanese shikansen bullet trains. We also add high fiber insulation that helps with heat, 

Countertops are made of quality walnut, chosen for it’s resistance to mold and water. The distinctive and beautiful wood texture grain adds a beautiful and modern look to the dining area.

19L fresh water and electric pump system runs water to the sink faucet and to a rear shower for rinsing off.

Tucked neatly away is the sub-battery and electrical system which powers the fridge, lights, and optional outlets in the campervan. 

Dimmable LED lights are controlled via light switches and the main control area.

For storage, below the main bed bed is plenty cargo space for stowing large items. For smaller odds and ends there is cupboard space as well as locking deep drawers mounted securely with heavy duty rails. 

Located under the kitchen counter top is a 25L compressor refrigerator that can conveniently be adjusted anywhere from -22°C to 10°C.

Bug screens on side windows help to keep the van cool with extra airflow, while simultaneously keeping pesky insects out. 

Perfect for families.
Perfect for couples.
Perfect for holidays.
Perfect for workcation.

The KUMAQ campervan is practical for just about any user and situation. If you’re looking for a comfortable camper that’s both beautiful and versatile then this is the campervan for you. 


You can order a KUMA Q from the Dream Drive depot.
If you would like to visit us directly, please make a reservation by phone in advance.

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A.KUMA Q is completely made-to-order, so we will manufacture it in the order we receive. Please contact us for more details.

A. Toyota Hiace Super Long.

The Kuma Q can sit up to 5 passengers for gasoline-powered models and 4 for diesel.

The Kuma Q is a camper registration of 8 number plate.

A. We can handle Toyota Hiace’s if the correct model.  It is necessary to check the vehicle in advance, so if you are thinking of purchasing a used car, please be sure to contact us before purchasing.

A. Yes. Please contact us with any questions or requests for details 

A. We are developing a rental specification KUMAQ. Details will be announced on the website soon.


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