The Step-by-Step: of Purchasing a Dream Drive Campervan

You're interested in purchasing a campervan but wondering, "where do I even start?" Listed below is the process and basic steps of purchasing a Dream Drive campervan.

If you’re interested in purchasing a campervan and have any questions please contact us via our contact form here by phone +81 80 3013 7353, or email

Once you’ve contacted us, you’ll be invited to schedule a visit time from the calendar. This meeting can happen in person, video call, or over the phone. 

Before we connect with you we ask for some additional details that will help us prepare for your walk-through session and better answer your questions. 

Meet with the Dream Drive staff,  during this session we will:

  1. Give you a tour of the van, and show you how to use the different modes
  2. Learn more about how you plan to use the van and help suggest options that would suit your lifestyle and use case 
  3. Answer any questions that you have
  4. Discuss basic pricing and estimated delivery timeline

The first step in ordering your campervan is ordering your van and booking your production spot. This process includes:

  1. Choosing your base vehicle options from the manufacturer such as “engine type diesel or gasoline, color, etc.”
  2. Pay a purchase deposit to order your van and book your production and delivery spot. 
  3. Receive receipt of deposit payment and confirmation of estimated delivery date 

Two months from vehicle order selection we will schedule a meeting with our team to finalize and lock-in your campervan options and customizations. Once the options have been submitted to our team we will provide an updated estimated delivery date. 

Part of the delivey includes the preparation of some paperwork which can be mailed or completed in-person at our showroom.

  1. Inkan-shomei (your registered hanko)
  2. Parking certificate, you will need to organise a parking spot that will fit your van.
  3. Insurance for 8 number, 1 number or 4 number vehicle type. If you are not sure which type matches your campervan please ask your Dream Drive support staff. (we can also organise Tokyo Marine to setup insurance for you on the day of pick-up)

Final Payment
Final payment is due 4 weeks before the van is set to go to shaken registration.

Certain options and add-ons are installed after the registration, so a few additional days may be needed before delivery can take place.

  1. At time of delivery you have the opportunity to inspect and do a walk-through of your van. 
  2. Once your walk-through is completed, sign the walk-through form.
  3. That’s it, you’re now part of the Dream Drive owners club.