Optional Extras

All Dream Drive rentals include a variety of great ammenities as part of the booking. We also rent a variety of optional extras both FREE and for RENT to help make your holiday even better. If you’re interested in any of the extras below please contact bookings@dreamdrive.life and let us know what items you’d like added to your booking. 

Weber Gas Grill- ¥1100/night (*requires butane)

Included: Weber Q1250 Grill & Grilling Utensils
The Weber Q1250 gas grill makes cooking food while camping quick and easy. You can pull it out and get grilling delicious meat or veggies within minutes and makes eating great food a breeze.  

Butane Gas - ¥1320/can

You can purchase butane gas at most campsites, camping supply stores, online – amazon, and many other retailers. We also have Weber branded cans available for purchase. One can typicaly lasts up to 5 hours of grilling.

Child Seat / Booster- ¥2200/night

Children under the age of 6 are required to use a child seat or booster seat while a vehicle is being operated. If you don’t have your own child seat or booster we generally have a few available for rent. 

Free-for-all cooking bin - Free

We have a small bin of random of cooking related untensils and goodies for guests to borrow and use on their trips. What’s available is first come first serve and these items cannot be reserved in advance. 

LED Lamp- ¥550/night

It can get pretty dark outside the campervan at night. If you forget to bring flashlights or your own lamps we have portable, water resistant rechargable LED lamps available for rent. 

Surfing Shower - ¥550/night

Rinse and wash off quickly and easily with this 7L pressurized portable shower. Fill it with water from a tap, pump it up to pressurize, and it’s ready to go. 

Fire Pit - ¥1100/night

Many campsites and locations in Japan require that campefires be contained and off the ground in a fire pit. 

Fire Wood - ¥880/bundle

Most campsites in Japan have firewood for sale but we do have firewood available. 

Swag Tent - ¥4400/night

For families or friends travelling in groups we have a swag tent option available that can sleep two adults comfortably. The swag rolls out and can be set up in minutes and has a thick foam mattress in the bottom for a good nights sleep. 

Bicycle Rack - ¥2200/night

Take your bicycles with you. The bike rack can hold up two bicycles on the rear of of the campervan. 

Portable Electric Fan - Free

To help with airflow and keep guests cool in the campervan during hot summer nights we have small portable fans available. 

Coleman 1200cm Outdoor Table - Free

Included in each van is a small 50cm by 30cm table (see photo #3 for reference) but for guests needing more table space we also have larger 1200cm Coleman tables available for free. Please note that this larger table does take up a bit of space inside the campervan. 

Butane gas can ¥330

To use the portable stove top included inside the campervan you’ll need a regular butane gas canister. These can be purchased online via amazon, convenience stores, and supermarkets.