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Meet the Suzuki Family

Please tell us a little about yourself
I’m an entrepreneur, developing businesses related to real estate and vehicles. We are a four family members, two daughters and one toy poodle dog. Our hobbies include weekend vanlife trips, family camping, SUP (stand up paddleboarding, and photography.

Did you have any camper or camping experience before purchasing Dream Drive ?
I’ve been camping for a long time, we went from tents → cabcon → and now kumaQ.

How do you generally use your camper van?
We use it often,  it’s great for family weekend trips and long vacations.

What do you like about having a camper?
We love being able to freely travel without always having concrete plans.

What are the benefits of having a campervan?
The big vehicle, allows more use-case flexibility compared to small car and is a lot more practical and fun for the family when we go on trips. For us, the campervan allowed us to get out and go on trips more frequently and we love getting to see new beautiful places and meet new people. 

Where’s your favorite place to go with your campervan? 
Our favorite place to visit is probably Noto, as it’s a great camping spot and there’s incredible ocean views right from the campervan. 

What’s suprised you about using your campervan that you didn’t realize before owning it?
It’s suprisingly easy to drive and can honestly be used for most normal everyday life. It’s made travelling with kids and our dog 

Why did you choose Dream Drive 
The campervans are made by a wonderful team who have real vanlife experience. We love the simple and natural design and it’s unlike those found by other Japanese builders.