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Hiace Campervan TAMA 2023

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TAMA, the Hiace standard body-based camper, ideal for one car in the city, has been improved for even greater ease of use!

The latest model of DreamDrive’s Hiace standard body camper, improved based on user feedback!
We’ve made a lot of improvements in pursuit of user-friendliness, and we’d like to introduce them to you!

New rear seat

TAMA’s 2023 model features a new rear seat that makes it easier than ever to switch between the various rear seat modes.

The seats can now be deployed freely to make better use of the limited space available in the vehicle.

If additional sleeping space is needed in addition to the main bed, the rear seats can be flattened to sleep up to two small children. 
In addition, the seat feet have a frameless design, providing more usable space.

The rear seat is equipped with “Isofix,” an international standard child seat fixing system that can be installed without using seat belts.

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TAMA kitchen counters are made of walnut wood, which has a beautiful grain and texture and is resistant to mildew and water.

The improved TAMA houses a large 40L refrigerator inside the kitchen counter. More food can now be stored. (Old model 30L)

With the refrigerator inside the kitchen counter, the refrigerator can be easily accessed at any time regardless of location or mode, such as sleeping mode, drive mode, or even from outside the car.

We have also installed a small sliding accessory compartment under the kitchen counter for storing coffee and other small items around the kitchen.

outdoor shower

The water system in the rear of the vehicle has also been improved, with the addition of a quick-release high-pressure outdoor shower hose.

The outdoor shower uses a pump from the vehicle’s water system, so the hose produces water with enough pressure to clean dirty outdoor items.

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