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Things To Know Before You Get On The Road (Part 2)

Things To Know Before You Get On The Road (Part 2)

Continuing in the preparations for traveling in 日本 (Nippon), here is some more stuff to know before traveling to japan.

1.  Onsens

If you find yourself needing a place to bathe in Japan, you may want to try checking out an onsen. Onsens are Japanese hot springs that double as bathing facilities. These are sometimes surrounded by traditional Japanese inns that you can also visit. If you are traveling the country by car, this is a great option for freshening up.

2.  Michi-no-eki

Michi-no-eki are public rest areas on highways and other roads. Since it is legal for people to sleep inside of their vehicles, many drivers use michi-no-eki as a space they can stop and catch up on some sleep. Michi-no-eki has shops selling food, as well as restrooms, allowing you to freshen up. 

3. Jay Walking 

In Japan, you may want to see some of the country’s major cities. While you are exploring, you may notice that everyone abides by traffic signs and no one crosses the street unless the lights are green. This is because jay walking is something that is frowned upon in Japanese culture. Simply adhere to the traffic signs and you will have a great time adventuring in Japan!

4. Convenience Stores

If you need anything, you can probably find it at any convenience stores in Japan. Not only can you get delicious, and cheap food, you can also withdraw money using your credit card. They accept both cash and credit card when paying for things, and are one of the few places that will actually accept credit in Japan. There are convenience stores located on nearly every block in Japan, so they are not a difficult resource to find. 

5. Public Transportation 

Public transportation is very organized and efficent in Japan. It can get you to the most popular parts of the country; however, it is not necessarily the best for exploring less touristy, local, areas. To experience the Japan to the fullest, renting a car can make exploring more accessible, reaching places the train cannot.


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