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How do I access the depot from Narita Airport?

Note: in 2020 Spring we are offering a special pick up service from Radisson hotel near Narita airport, asks for details

Although trains have a solid reputation in Japan for being on time, when lugging suitcases with you then can be the worse option, so we tend to recommend taking the bus:

Access via Bus (recommended)

There is a bus from a nearby station area which runs directly to Narita Airport and it runs regularly, the seats are reserved and luggage is stored at no extra cost.

The tickets can be reserved here:


Access via Train

Short version: The best way to plan this is by using Google maps, type in Dream Drive, The address is 1-8-8 Iwado-Minami, Komae 201-0005

Detailed routes:

  1. Take the Odakyu train from Komae to Shinjuku, then Switch to the Nartia Express if you booked ahead
  2. Take the Odakyu train from Komae to Yoyogi Uehara, then switch to the Chiyoda line and ride to Yushima Station, there you transfer to Keisei Skyliner at Nippori station which takes you there directly…be warned some people make mistakes when going their route so make sure to give your self plenty of extra time.

Access via Taxi

Strictly for the ballers, expect to pay 35,000 – 40,000yen

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