The van partner program gives you access to the van for 12 days a year, the rest of the time the van is in the rental fleet on a profit share basis.

Management Agreement

The paper work will be in your name but the responsibility of management is signed to Dream Drive, the license plate will be a rental and we will ensure the van is cleaned and delivered to customers and to your friends and family when booked.

Access to use the van

The Vans are available for us by the Van Partners 12 days a year at no charge, and further days with a significant discount if needed.

Dividend payment

Returns are deposited in Van Partners banks every 3 months.

Whats in it for Dream Drive? 

The dream is to build a hotel on wheels, allowing travellers to explore Japan freely and unlock a new travel experience. To achieve this dream we will need a lot of vans, which costs a lot of money. By partnering with van partners who are either active customers or investors we are able to provide more rooms on wheels and make use of our depots which can clean vans and provide great customer service at scale.

For more information regarding the 2 models we build, pricing and further details email Jared at (Write “van partner program” as the subject) to get access to all the information and arrange a visit to the workshop