Van Partner resources

Welcome to the van partner area of Dream Drive, for us to build a new eco system of travel with our hotel on wheels we will need a lot of vans which creates a great opportunity for investment. 

On this page you can learn about: 

1. Current Vans available as partner vans

We are sourcing vans which we can convert into investment vehicles, these vans will be listed in this section along with the dates they should start generating returns.

If you wish to sell your partner van while under contract it can be listed here also.

2. Occupancy rates of the fleet

Here you can monitor the booking rate of the vehicles currently in the fleet, this shows you the returns you can expect. 

You will also be able to see your returns of your van here.

3. Perks, Resources and paperwork

This is where you can access the paper work, learn about the perks and see other resources.

1. Vans available as partner vans

2. Occupancy rates of the fleet

Here are the booking rates for the previous month:


Comments on June: 

With Covid-19 in effect, the inbound market is at a halt so we are relying on the weekend traffic for the fleet, the smaller vans are seeing some good bookings however and we are planning to build more Ronin (now Kamo) class vans. 

Super (Kuma) returns at 23%: ¥44.677

Plans to increase bookings:

We are working on building awareness with the Japanese market, activities include: 

  • Partnership with Sonos speakers, with joint press release coming
  • Improved translation of website in Japanese with professional writers
  • Reaching out the various partners including ANA for the Go To campaign initative

We are also bringing on a PR firm to help us create awareness to push bookings into our target 80% range.

3. Perks, Resources and paperwork

Here is the link to the recourse folder with updated contracts and partner van investment packages:

Included in folder: 

– Depreciation calculation

– percentage returns

– Different investment options

(Should you not have access to this folder please contact me)

We would love to have you join our partner van program, please let me know what class you are interested in or if you have any further questions.

Jared Campion, CEO Dream Drive

 080 3013 7353 or