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A weekend well spent in Izu

If you have not been to the west side of Izu, book a van because your time has come.


Izu is the name of the Peninsula in Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture, its a heavily forested mountainous region which is a lot of fun to navigate by van. It’s known for its hot spring resorts and the Shuzenji Temple, a 9th-century Zen Buddhist site with a bamboo garden. Old-fashioned, English-themed steam trains operate along the narrow-gauge Shuzenji Romney Railway. The medieval Toi Gold Mine has restored tunnels and a gold museum. Nearby, the Kano River tumbles over Jōren Falls.


Here is a great way to spend two days in West Izu.


Drive off from Tokyo to Numazu, then take the coastal road 17 towards Heda. It is a beautiful drive with a beautiful view.


The Old Bus – Road side bar


The Old Bus is a bar and campervan located in an isolated lakeside campervan spot on the coastal road between Numazu and Heda. You can park and sleep nearby and it has an amazing view of Mt Fuji. Overnight parking near the old bus can be organised via the Car Stay Website.

Heda town

Heda is a village on the Suruga Bay coast just. Stunning views of Mount Fuji can be seen from in and around the village.

Moroguchi Shrine

Moriguchi Shrine can be found on Mihama Beach which maintains beautifully clear water. It is seldom visited and and on the right day, it could arguably have the best view of Mount Fuji in Japan.


KURURA HEDA Roadside station



In the center of Heda there is a roadside station which has a hot spring and foot spa which closes at 8pm. Feel free to sleep in your DreamDrive here over night.


Recommended Lunch spot: Kaniya Heda is a Crab and seafood restaurant serving massive portions of the most fresh fish and crab.


Recommended Coffee shop: Tagure Hostel has amazing coffee with a great atmosphere. Fishing gear and bicycles are available to rent. It also doubles as a hostel for those who want to stay longer.


More great spots can be recommended by our team if you plan to extend the trip deeper into the west side of Izu. Get in touch!


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