The Dream Drive community is made up of many unique and incredible people. Below are just a few of the Dream Drive voices – van owners and members of our team that make our community so special. Click the videos to listen to their stories, find out favorite road-trip destinations, and learn some first hand van-life tips.

If you’re part of the Dream Drive community and happy to share your story, van-life tips, or travel spot recommendations please get in touch.
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Mr. Suzuki loves to use his camper for exhibiting at music events.
“Spending time with my family in nature while playing an instrument called the handpan is the best.”


Pro MTB & Content Creator
Hajime is a Japanese top ranked downhill mountain biker, vanlifer, and dog owner. When he’s not winning downhill MTB competitions, or camping with his girlfriend and dog, Hajime is helping us create videos and other vanlife related content.

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Mom and experienced Vanlifer
Naoko, is a mom to two beautiful kids and is an experienced vanlifer having lived and roadtripped in a camper around the USA and Canada. She helps keep our team organized and brings the “cool” factor in the Dream Drive office up by atleast 200%.    

The Suzuki Family

Business Owners and Family of 4 
The Suzuki’s are a family of four who love taking weekend beach trips with their cute little toy poodle and KUMA Q camper van. 

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Sho & Yui

Experienced Vanlifers and Dog Owners
Sho and Yui help manage our campervan production. They are experienced vanlifers, have an Australian Sheep Dog named Kai, and  are two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. If you need suggestions for great Japan camping spot recommendations, they’re the ones to ask. 

Kyla & Flo

Model, Actor and Designer
Based in Tokyo, Kyla is a model and actor and Flo a designer. This power couple are experienced campers are two of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. 

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Dream Drrive Founder, Vanlifer, and Family of 5
Jared grew up travelling in a campervans around Europe and Australia. After moving to Japan and having three kids of is own, he quickly realized that Japan was the perfect country for travelling in campervans. 


Software Engineer, Family of 3, and Full-time Vanlifers
Jules is a software engineer and for the past 6 months has been travelling and living full-time in his KUMA Q campervan together with his wife and one year old daughter. 

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