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Experience more Freedom with a Dream Drive Campervan

Dream Drive Campervans are designed and carefully crafted by an incredible team of Japanese craftsmen. With an abundance of expertise and know-how — Dream Drive carefully builds each campervan by hand.

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Looking for more details? Dive into our Digital Showroom, designed to walk you through the entire online selection and purchasing process. Discover our diverse range of campervans and simplify your buying experience with ease.

Origin story

The Story of Dream Drive

Learn about the origins of the Dream Drive, which started in 2019, through the entrepreneurial journey of our founder Jared. Gain insights into Jared's experiences with van life in Europe and Australia, his fascination with the camping car market in Japan, and the passion that drives him to turn dreams into reality.


Our Campervan Community

Explore unique moments and insights from our community as they share their exclusive experiences with Dream Drive Campervans. Listen to real stories that resonate with your lifestyle and learn valuable tips from fellow vanlife enthusiasts.

Buyers guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Picutre a future with a Dream Drive Cameprvan but still have some questions. Check out our Purchase Guide for all the frequently asked questions. Find all the answers to your questions and concerns about buying a Dream Drive campervan here

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Check out our van life tips, event info and campaign information here.

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The shortest delivery time in the industry! Limited to 7 units at a special price!


Dream Drive manufactures vehicles for Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation's "NOMADPro CANTER" concept that proposes a location-independent work style.

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