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Welcome to Dream Drive

We build, sell & rent campervans

Our sales showroom is located in Tokyo, Japan. If you have any questions regarding sales or rentals, please don't hesitate to contact us.
The Kuma, custom Toyota Hiace campervan
The Tama, custom campervan

Purchase a Campervan

We currently build and sell two campervan models TAMA (Toyota Hiace) and larger more spacious KUMA Q (Toyota Hiace Super Long). From time to time we also have used campervans available for purchase.

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Campervans for rent in Japan

Rent a Campervan

We currently rent the compact campervan KAGO (Nissan NV200) and slightly larger TAMA (Toyota Hiace)

Dream Drive is made up of an amazing community of van owners, rental customers, and experienced van-lifers from the Dream Drive team. Meet some of the community, find out favourite trip destinations, and learn some first-hand vanlife tips. 


Guides, itineraries, and suggested locations for travelling in Japan

Tips for working from a campervan

Remote work, vanlife, workation certainly are not new lifestyles but largely due to Covid-19, more and more professionals have been working remotely and re-evaluating their work-life balance. Like many other types of alternative lifestyles, working

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