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We are the first global Japanese crafted campervan company

Dream Drive Founder & CEO

"I want to design vehicles that enable people to experience more sunsets and starry skies, have more adventures, and have that freedom and flexibility at all times."

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How my dream developed

After working as a corporate employee in Japan for about ten years, I noticed that many Japanese individuals were experiencing van life abroad. People were going to places like the United States, Australia, and Europe renting campervans for their adventures. However, at that time, van life in Japan wasn't easily accessible. I developed a desire for more Japanese people to embrace and experience this liberating travel style called van life. Gradually, my dream evolved into creating campervans specifically tailored for Japan.

Van life experienced in the United Kingdom and Australia

Through van life experiences in the United Kingdom and Australia, I became captivated by the allure of the free-spirited lifestyle. Growing up, my family and I spent time in our Volkswagen campervan named 'Bertie,' and at the age of 16, I moved to Australia and obtained my driver's license. There, I encountered various campervans and attended university to learn the basics of furniture making. I experienced my first van life by transforming a friend's campervan.

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During this journey, I noticed the differences between van life in Europe and Australia. In Europe, compact vans that fit narrow roads are prevalent, and cooking inside the van is common. On the other hand, in Australia, many people own campervans, and outdoor cooking is more typical. These distinctions provided me with insights and confidence to pursue my dream.

The lessons from van life have brought not only a sense of freedom, but also a richness to my life. Campfires and outdoor BBQs are cherished memories for me, and the experiences from van life have held significant meaning in my journey. These experiences led me to kickstarting my later Dream Drive adventure.

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From Australia to Japan. Encounters with new cultures.

My newlywed wife and I decided to plan a trip to Europe. Opting for Japan as our transit destination from Australia, we secured Working Holiday visas, aiming to stay in Japan for up to a year.

During our van life in Australia, we had numerous opportunities to interact with Japanese travelers on Working Holiday visas. They often extended their stay by engaging in fruit picking and frequently visited rural farms for work. Through these encounters, we developed an interest in Japanese culture.

Originally planning to relocate for just a year, we thoroughly enjoyed life and work in Tokyo. Gradually, we became captivated by Japan's natural beauty, seasonal campsites, and hot springs. These experiences led us to discover the potential for van life in Japan, while also making us aware of the limited awareness of van life in the country and the shortage of available campervan options and facilities.

Production Interior

A reliable team creating new experiences together

My experiences of living the van life in Australia and Europe have really shaped the foundation for the kind of van life I want to bring to Japan. Over in Australia, camping on the road is popular, making it easy to cook and relax both inside and outside the van. The temperate climate encourages outdoor cooking, adding to the charm.

Back in 2018, I got creative with my family car and made the very first prototype of a Dream Drive Campervan. I integrated wood-paneled interiors and custom-fitted cooking facilities, along with comfortable mattresses and cozy bedding, setting the stage for turning the dream into reality.

Exploring Japan's landscapes with friends in the van, we discovered remarkable spots and successfully brought the dream to life. Since 2019, Dream Drive has evolved into a campervan company that values trust and quality. Each Dream Drive campervan is a result of skilled craftsmanship, with carefully cut wood being used throughout the interior.

work with us

Dream Drive Team

Our team are comprised of individuals with experience in van life abroad, as well as members who have pursued careers as furniture craftsmen. We leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to meticulously handcraft each campervan. With a focus not only on design aesthetics, our craftsmen continuously update and refine our designs, reflecting their dedication and expertise.

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