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インバーター スイッチ
1000Wを超えるとヒューズが飛んだり、電気系統や電子機器にダメージを与える恐れがあります。アイテムのワット数は、通常、アイテムの底面または背面にあるステッカーに記載されています 。不使用時はOFFにして下さい。




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-A 25L refrigerator-freezer adjustable from 22°C to 10°C is included. Touch screen switches and
will be. You can also charge your device via the USB port on the touch panel. If there is no operation for a certain period of time
The device will automatically lock if there is no operation for a certain period of time. The lock can be unlocked by pressing and holding the gear symbol for more than 3 seconds. Turn off the power after unlocking the lock.
Turn off the power after unlocking the lock.
Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3~5 seconds to turn on/off the refrigerator (in “Lock” mode, the refrigerator
not turn off).
+ and – buttons
Touch the {+ or -} key to adjust the temperature up or down.
The refrigerator will automatically lock after approximately 10 seconds. When locked, a lock icon will appear in the lower right corner. To unlock
To unlock, press and hold the Set/Unlock button for 3~5 seconds to turn the refrigerator off again and adjust settings.
You will be able to turn off the refrigerator again or adjust the settings.

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FM Transmitter

You can connect your phone to the FM transmitter to listen to music via the vehicle sound system.  Please reference the video below or follow these steps:

  1. Adjust the FM station to match the frequency listed on the FM transmitter (If it’s not already the same)
  2. Open up your bluetooth pairing and add M16 or HY92 depending on which is in your vehicle. 
  3. Make sure the volume on your phone and the car audio players are turned up and you should be able to hear music or audio from your phone over the vehicle speakers.

Side Awning

Van is coming with Rhino-Rack Sunseeker awning. The 2.5-meter awning attached to the roof rack can be unfolded to create shade easily.
Side awnings are very susceptible to wind.
Please do not use it without side pegs.

What to do in case of accident / damage (including “minor” damage)

1. Attend injured parties and call an ambulance if needed.

2. Contact Dream Drive via Lineapp and by phone if you don’t receive a response.

3. Takes clear photos:
• Of the accident scene & location
• Damage to vehicle(s)
• Damage to any 3rd party property

4. Collect and exchange details with 3rd party (name, address, tel number, car registration number etc.)

5. Ask any witnesses for their contact information.

6. Save google pin of location, note time, and accident details.

7. Call the Police – and receive a police report.
Collect information about policeman in charge (name, tel. number, police station address.)


1. Regardless of who was at fault, if an insurance claim needs to be made, the waiv- er charge needs to be paid within 24 hrs of the accident. We will send a payable in- voice request to your email address. If the waiver fee is not paid, we may repossess the vehicle and cancel your rental contract without further notice.

2. Unless the accident caused personal injury, Police will not decide who was at fault. This job is left for the insurance companies, so make sure the Police writes down your side of the story.

3. If you do not receive a police report, you will be responsible for the total cost of repairs and any additional 3rd party claims as insurance cannot be used without it.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance – Dial 119
Police – Dial 110
Dream Drive – 03-4577-0045 (10:00-18:00)
Hajime Imoto – 080-3710-0467 (Japanese)(*Speaks English)

Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance – Dial 119
Police – Dial 110
Dream Drive – 03-4577-0045
Jared Campion – 080-3013-7353 (English)
Hajime Imoto – 080-3710-0467 (Japanese)(*Speaks English)