1-8-8 Iwado Minami, Komae, Tokyo

A Japan Summer Holiday Spot – Aokiko Lake

A Japan summer holiday spot recommendation

Aokiko is roughly a 3.5 hour drive from Tokyo and is a perfect spot for those looking to relax in nature by the lake. Motorboats aren’t allowed on the lake so it’s quiet, peaceful, and crystal clear. For google map pins and location details please click the link below:

Campsite Website: http://aokiko-aokiso.travel.coocan.jp/
Campsite Address: Aoki-21115 Taira, Omachi, Nagano 398-0001

Supermarket Address: 1007 Hokujō, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano 399-9301

Onsen hotspring Address: Mori-10639-1 Taira, Omachi, Nagano 398-0001


Google map pins:

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