Road bikes + Camper vans + Japan = The ultimate deep Japan experience

Japan has some of the best roads for road biking in the world, but these locations are far from Tokyo.

Robert McManmon runs a bike tour business, They rent bikes and do guided tours which cover the Gunma Prefecture and the Tochigi Prefecture be sure to check them out:

The plans changed because of bad weather but with a quick look at the weather map they were able to find a great sunny spot for a ride, which shows the flexibility a camper gives you.

If you want to rent a bike rack with your van let us know.


Locations featured in the video:

Mt Akagi and hiking near caldera lake

Elevated wooden pathways: Kakumanbuchi Marsh

Lake Umeda just outside of Kiryu

Akagi Miyozawa Shrine

Echigo-Tsumari Art Town

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